What's New for NaturePanoramas.com & CarlHeilman.com

We'll help keep you on top of all the changes we make with a chronological list for both websites.

3/6/04 - added 42 new panoramas to the site - something new in pratically every category

3/7/02 - added WorldWide VR Pano links under Web Links - added 3 images to Adks / Lake George and 1 to Peaks

11/29/07 - added new Digital Photography workshop dates, Acadia National Park photo workshop - Nature Photography workshops and Photoshop for Photographers dates

2/7/07Added 8 new Wallpaper Screensavers and did a Widescreen version of every wallpaper image on the page

11/12/06 - added new Nature Photography workshop dates

6/15/06 - added new book / Our New York to the books page

3/7/06 - added new book / The Adirondacks to the books page

11/8/05 - added new books / Wild New York to the books page

11/8/05 - added 8 wallpaper photos from Wild New York

11/8/05 - added 3 new scrolling screensavers

4/12/05 - added a page for 'The Gates, Central Park, New York City, 1979-2005' by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

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